Thursday, 31 May 2012

everything's broken

what's going on?  my suitcase, camera and glasses whilst i was away - broken.  (glasses fixed).  now my laptop crashed and has a disc error.  the other laptop won't charge.  the power cord won't go all the way in to charge it.  ahhh  i got a second hand lappy recently for when the kids come over.  that in itself is not a good thing, we should be outside playing in the fresh air.  :)  i can't find my windows 7 disc anywhere and the cord for the external drive which has my recovery file on it has gone missing too.  bloody hell.  i'm a little bit over computers atm.  so, i'm going to turn them both off and go and clean something.  in a minute or two, when i finish this.  i had an awful day yesterday.  i put some rice on to cook and forgot about it.  half an hour later i smelt something not quite right. saucepan cleaned up really easily thank goodness. the installer came to put the new screen doors on and they have that thick mesh on them so that the house looks a bit dark.  my computer crashed etc etc.  i had to have a chocolate brownie and a coffee and felt much better.  i have to go back to work tomorrow after a month off.  hmmm  interesting.  on a bright note i think i've fixed the keyboard that was repeating letters willy nilly and had a nice breakfast with my son and dil this morning.  it's the little things.

this is one of Dizzy's pups.  the kids are keeping her.  cute and mischievousness. she chewed a shoe this morning 


  1. It never rains but it pours this is just not funny, I would be really annoyed with these things not I wouldn't be annoyed I would be bloody well pissed


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