Sunday, 3 February 2013

a new post

about absolutely nothing.  well not much anyhow.  i saw the g/kids on the australia day holiday.  they are doing well and back at school.  cookie joined the scouts last year and she really enjoys it.  ants is not a good scholar and doesn't like school which is a shame as he'll need to buckle down as he is in year 10 this year.  i will ring them later today and have a chat.  we may even skype.  :)

work is the same same.  nothing to report there.  always changes to cope with, some big, some small.

the spare room is looking much better.  i wouldn't say it's finished as there is always another box or drawer to go through but it is much improved.

the garden is alive and well and i haven't lost anymore fish.  there were five and now there are two.  their water looks clearer too which is nice.

i am going to see neil young in march at the entertainment centre.  my son and dil bought me a ticket as a gift. they are so good to me and i am lucky to have them.  i'm going with my son and a friend.  cool.

i'm looking forward to cairns in may but i am missing bali very much and i still want to go to vietnam.  never enough time and being the queen of procrastinators doesn't help.

here are some pics that i took recently -
Margaret's wedding cake made by a work friend who is  so talented.  gorgeous.

a banana that i found in the bottom of my crisper.  goodness knows how long it had been there.  ewwww

cookie biking along the river.  the tour down under was in full swing 

my curly leafed hoya finally flowered.  i've had it about two years and it's thriving


  1. thanks for the sharing the banana pic ;-)
    How fantastic that you are seeing Neil young!!!
    I think I read he was playing with crazy horse as well!!!

  2. Oh dear me, that banana...we keep our bananas in the fridge, lots of people down here haven't heard of us doing that..

    Can't recall Neil Young, will have to google him, then I will know :)

    The cake is beautiful.


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