Saturday, 23 November 2013

social media or ewww too much information

my grandson has a girlfriend now.  he's sixteen.  all good so far.  trouble is he is always having issues with the relationship and posts every little bit of it on fb.  his g/father has unfriended him because of it.  my daughter doesn't really like Julie (not her real name) as she thinks she uses a lot of emotional blackmail on my g/son.  ahhhh  young love.  i hope they work things out or at least part in a way that is as friendly as possible.  you know what i mean.  i suppose i'm worried because i think my g/son is going to have his heart broken and really there is nothing anyone can do about it as it's a part of growing up.  i got him his christmas present today.  he'll like it as he asked me to get it for him.  surprisingly it wasn't very expensive which was good. another friend posts on fb nearly every day and tells the world how sick she is.  fair enough i suppose as her health isn't good but surely she can post something else or just don't post anything at all.  personally i think she should just either go back to bed or go outside and get some fresh air.  just back away from the computer. don't mind me, i'm a bit grumpy today and my tolerance meter is broken.  i worked this morning and everybody had several problems each and they wanted us (staff) to fix them.  i'll have a nana nap and a nice cup of coffee and go away now.  :)  maybe outside to get some fresh air.
look, i found some old photos on my computer.  very old.  it's me and my dog Daisy (wearing my very trendy Twiggy dress), me and my first boyfriend and me and my dad.  ahhh so long ago


  1. You are pretty and attractive, all photos are lovely :)
    Young ones don't seem to understand that what they write on FB isn't ideal at times, even many adults don't think before they write on there either. Can tell a lot about a person when they write, well usually.
    It does get a bit tiresome when one person write about the same subject each day...but maybe it makes that person feel better by telling everyone everyday.
    I am not a fan of FB.
    Hope you are well.

  2. That is such a great photo of you and your dad!

  3. It hurts to watch someone you love suffer. But it's all part of the game of life, isn't it?

  4. I agree some people put to much info on FB. People always talking about their ailments become boring and lose friends. Love your old photos. Hope g/son weathers the storm. It is a worry for young people these days with cyber bullying, I hope it doesn't come to that.


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