Wednesday, 1 March 2017

have you ever heard of tonsil stones?

me either.  they are a thing, really.  my grandson and my daughter have them.  my friend Barb does too.  they are hard calcified 'stones' embedded in the roof of the mouth near the back of the throat. they smell apparently.  even the nurse yesterday had never heard of them.  maybe they have another name.  i mention this because my daughter was in hospital yesterday having her tonsils removed.  they thought they'd have to take her adenoids too but that didn't happen. she's had tonsillitis since she was small but the doctor always said it wasn't necessary to remove them.  she is doing really well, she's in a little bit of pain and can't eat or drink anything warm or hot.  i ordered them pizza tonight and she'll put some in the fridge and have it later.  cold pizza is delish.  she was nauseous yesterday but that's better today.  i remember getting my tonsils out when i was about 4 or 5 at the adelaide children's hospital.  the lovely old bluestone building is still there.  they used ether for the anaesthetic and i can still remember the taste.  it made me sick.  they promised me ice-cream after the op and i was disappointed because it was yuck.  there were other kids in the ward with me and we were out of bed most of the time.  i probably stayed in hospital a week or more, it was so long ago it's scary.  we are having a heat wave atm and i'm over it.  it's going to be cooler tomorrow, only 36 degrees and they said on telly that march is going to be hot and dry.


  1. No, never heard of 'stones''s got be wondering if they were called something else years ago.
    Good to know your daughter is ok.
    Our youngest granddaughter will have hers out next month and she is 4.
    Hope you are well F xox

    1. hopefully your granddaughter's surgery will go well. it's easier for little ones. i looked on google and youtube about the stones. quite true. :) i hope you are on the road to recovery Margaret. it sounds like you had a nasty fall


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