Wednesday, 10 May 2017

what a morning

i was woken at 2am with severe stomach pain.  i was sweating and felt like vomiting.  oh dear.  i took a buscopan which is a stomach spasm medication and after about an hour it started to ease slightly.  i was going to ring an ambulance but thought i'd wait and see if the medication helped.   this morning it is delicate but much better.  i'll go to the doctor later.  then i came downstairs to charge the mobile and the little adaptor was missing.  the g/kids were here last night.  i eventually found it and the phone is charging.  then i turned on the laptop.  no internet.  great.  it was working on the phone.  after half an hour of trying to fix it i restarted it and guess what?  it is working again.  i hate technology.


  1. Hope you are alright!
    Annoying when our internet doesn't work.
    Came home yesterday late afternoon and discovered our NBN wasn't working! Brain wave, turn the power off to the box and back on again, bingo it worked :)

  2. yes. It's srprising how often that works. hope you are doing well Margaret

  3. Sorry to hear about your pain....could it be gaul stones? I have the same problems with technology. My back up external drive died today.


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