Thursday, 24 August 2017

it works

i've been having computer problems.  who hasn't i hear you ask?  i've been in touch with acer who have been very helpful and i rang yesterday to get instructions of where to send it for repair etc. it was going to cost $100 to reinstall windows and clean it out which i didn't think was too bad.  the operator asked me to try something else and we reset it.  this has been tried before so i wasn't confident.  basically i had to have the external hdd inserted so that windows would work and a lot of the time i couldn't connect to the internet.  very inconvenient.  so we reset the computer and as you may or not know it takes hours.  so i had a nana nap and when i awoke the reset had finished.  but, it said it was unsuccessful and no changes had been made.  so i pressed ok and voila, it took me through the new set up process.  so it did work.  now i have a nice new computer, sort of.  i don't need the external hdd inserted.  yay.  it works nicely too, i haven't had any problems thus far.  nice


  1. Well done you'l soon be a techie.

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