Friday, 9 February 2018

i'm melting

we have been having another heatwave but it's only going to be 34 tomorrow. i took my friends to the airport this morning so that they can fly to melbourne to join their cruise to tassie.  sounds nice to me.  as my friend was returning home this morning after walking her little dog she saw what she thought was a long branch in the gutter outside her home.  it turned out to be a deadly brown snake that slithered off into the large school paddock across the road.  omg.  i would have died.  she rang the school to alert them.  whilst i was at the airport i called into the large aldi store nearby on the way home and did some shopping but when i got home and went to put it all away i had to leave an almost empty container of icecream out just to fit everything in the freezer.  my fridge is too small. 


  1. Seems you might need a larger fridge :)
    Gosh one of those brown snakes, not to be sneezed at for sure - and it's been warm here too but not as hot as SA.

    1. yes a bigger fridge is needed that's for sure. any snake would frighten the life out of me. the heat wave is over for the moment. it's lovely today, nice and cool. i hope you are well and happy M

  2. Hi dear Yevisha this is very interesting post!

    Our summers are starting from mid april and will you believe that our temperatures rise over 503 or more .
    hope you friend who left for cruse will have safe journey

    i smiled over your mention of snake as being from northern part of country snakes are quite familiar to me ,when i was there and young before marriage(26 years ago) i killed many snakes on by my own and one which was larger than five feet i helped my eldest brother to kill him
    i enjoyed reading you so much my friend!


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