Sunday, 6 June 2010

well i'm home

and missing bali very much. i had a wonderful time with my sister. best holiday we've ever had which is a big call indeed. we met lots of new people and went to new places. enjoyed some fantastic food, spent as many beer (read six) oclocks as possible on the beach watching the non-sunsets (it was cloudy most of the time) and the world go by. we relaxed and just went with the flow most of the time. we didn't go on any excursions this time but we meant to. we wanted to spend a day or two at lovina, which is on the far north coast, but just didn't get there. i rode a motorbike around kuta which means i'm either very brave or extrememly stupid. i'd have lunch and a nice juice (couldn't drink much as i was driving - not that there are any road rules about drinking and driving) and i'd get to where i was going and need a cold drink. i loved it. my sister is so brave as she was the pillion passenger most of the time. i didn't buy everything i wanted but there's always next time (i have a list already which is really sad). i got a new tattoo. i'm still not completely unpacked and organised (i'll never be completely organised) but i'm getting there. i'm back at work which is horrible. :( complete restructure happening there which is a story on it's own. but .... mostly all is good. i even found the cable for the phone and the drops for dustin so that i can change his water. (dustin nguyen, my siamese fighting fish (tetra) in case you were wondering). my son is obsessed with his welfare saying that he's swimming in fish wee and i should change his water immediately. i'll do it today. lol


  1. welcome home. Doh back to work is a bummer. Show us pics of your tattoo.

  2. SOOOOOO brave to drive, let alone drive in Bali! I am always amazed at the amount of yellow dogs that just wander the roads and avoid all the traffic.

    At least at wotk you'll have a winter tan.



  3. hi Diane and Cindy. ok will put pic of tattoo up and yes a winter tan is a bonus. i didn't think of that. hahahaha thanks for visiting ;)


thanks for visiting. :)