Monday, 14 June 2010

two things

1. dustin survived the bowl cleanout. but, he's spending a lot of time on the bottom of the bowl and not moving much. i would think that he's just frozen like me. it's freezing atm in adelaide. too cold. i actually used a laundromat this arvo to dry my clothes. it was sunny but not much wind to help them dry. i had a large wash coz i went to wallaroo on the weekend and didn't get time to do it on friday night/saturday morning.

2. wtf is going on with blogger? i hate the new 'design' function. sadly lacking. i've lost my previous layout which is totally my fault coz i didn't save it before playing around. story of my life really. hahahaha. i made some lovely pumpkin soup today so that's a plus. here's a pic of my tattoo.


  1. Love the tattoo..........

    Cold here too, have to have the heater on of a morning as well as a nice warm dressing gown.

    Not a fan of pumpkin soup I like pea and ham soup or cream of chicken can't make my own soup as I'm not much of a cook.

  2. thank Jo-Anne. you've been in the wars lately re your health. hope you are better soon. ;)

  3. OMG hasn`t it been freezing...It seems to take me all day to get warmed up, must be showing my
    My kids love pumpkin soup...Made a huge batch not so long ago...

  4. That is why I wasn't game to try the new designs in case I stuffed up the old one. Yum pumpkin soup great in cold weather. Its cool up here too but not as bad as down there.


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