Friday, 16 July 2010


i've had the house painted and didn't even think to get low allergy paint. it looks great but i'm suffering atm. hopefully it won't last too much longer. i've tried everything. i've got one of those air cleaner things, puts clean air back. don't know what they are called. open all the windows while i'm home but it's freezing. :( am trying nilodour, vanilla, essential oils, carb soda, candles, oil burner. i can't think of anything else. dustin is upstairs and he's not happy. actually he's freezing too. i have a lamp over him to try and warm him up but i don't think it's working. ahhhhhhhhh horrible week at work. everyone is resigning. bloody restructure. boss should publish a book. how NOT to implement a restructure. my bestie work buddy left but so did the wicked witch from the west. hahahaha. you win some, you lose some. i just wish i could get rid of this paint smell. if you have any ideas please post them, i'm desperate. my sister bought a scooter and i'm jealous. i want one. she lives in a small country town so not much traffic.


  1. Go visit your sister for a while til the smell goes...uho you have to go to work. Put eucalyptus oil on a face mask.

  2. thanks Diane. afraid i can't go to wallaroo because of work but the face mask is a marvelous idea. thanks :)


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