Sunday, 25 July 2010

going going gone

i've taken four car loads of 'stuff' to the second hand shop. things are looking decidedly less cluttered and i'm feeling lighter somehow. emotionally at least, the diet certainly isn't working. i don't regret throwing anything out (donating) but today i took a bag of toys to the sh shop and unfortunately the hand of my sister's doll was in it. i rang the shop and will go and have a look on wednesday. drrr she gave me her doll years ago when she got rid of most of them years ago. i keep meaning to put it on ebay, it's probably worth something to someone :). she had so many dolls when we were kids that my dad had to build her special shelves all around the room. she liked dolls. our neighbour used to sew clothes for them. i had two dolls. susan was one and i can't remember what the other one was called. i wasn't into dolls. i had an impressive marble collection until raymond armini pinched them. i was good at sports and preferred to spend time with dad in the shed than mum in the kitchen. mum, dad and my sister had/have the really really tidy and clean gene. i didn't get that. i think i'm adopted. :( lol. the pic is a cat called princess lilo. just adorable

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  1. It always happens at clean up time. Something goes that you really wanted.


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