Sunday, 17 October 2010

a visitor

my friend from Cairns/Adelaide/Coventry is arriving tomorrow to spend a week here. she left for Cairns about 3 years or so ago. it's very humid up there atm so she's in for a shock as Adelaide is cold and wet atm. i'll be working most of the time but she has plans a plenty. visiting her husbands family and chilling out. although why she chooses to holiday in Adelaide when she lives in Cairns is kinda crazy to me. i stayed with her when i holidayed in Cairns a while ago. i'm so used to living alone i'm just a tad concerned about how i'll cope with someone (not my sister or the g/kids) in the house with me. work today was horrible. my first weekend in a few years. omg everything hurts. might have an early night :)


  1. Hope you enjoy your visitor. If you will be out most of the time it shouldn't be too hard to cope.

  2. hi Diana, so far so good. Di cooked dinner the night before last. delicious. she's a great cook. we went to the movies last night. she's out with friends and shopping today. :)


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