Tuesday, 12 October 2010

well it's different that's for sure

very different. i was at my old site today. every tuesday. it's great. new site is just so different. not completely horrible. i was shelving down the back of the library and heard helicopters overhead. they seemed to be there for ages. omg there must be a raid in the neighbourhood i thought. turned out that it was only the aircon. omg. bloody noisiest aircon ever. no raid at least. i work much harder at the new site. more desk shifts and the back room work is a bit boring. i'm used to lots of variation. doing stuff i really like like spreadsheets and designing posters and good stuff like that. the most interesting thing i've done thus far is a mail merge. i do hope i have enough strength to stay with it and it gets better. pic is of the g/kids at wallaroo on the w/end. we had a great time. it was exhausting but fun. :)

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