Saturday, 23 June 2012

a few things

i haven't posted anything for a while so thought i'd do a small catch up.  i had two procedures last wednesday and they went smoothly.  minor problem found, nothing serious.  i'm back at work now and nothing much changes there.  bedlam.  new staff, new positions, we are not holding our breaths.  supervisor comes back from europe soon, she's been away for a month.  we've been a little bit 'relaxed' at work while she's been gone.  they've put up the date for the start of the new library system.  no big surprises there.
i had lunch today with the g/kids and my daughter.  i bought the kids a mobile phone each.  they were half price and they are really nice little touch phones.  i sat at lunch with the three of them on their phones. i may as well have had lunch alone.  not quite.  i exaggerate just a tad.  i just made some pumpkin soup which isn't too bad so having that and some toast for dinner.  working tomorrow and you know how much i enjoy that.  :)  it's been our coldest june for 25 or so years.  lots of rain too.  i should have gotten some washing done today but it was too wet.  tomorrow maybe
lotus in friend's garden pond

i like the late afternoon sun reflected on the building and in the trees and clouds

Cookie made cupcakes last weekend. they were yum 
i saw a program on the teev the other day about people picking up old thongs (flip flops) from the beach and recycling them into sellable items.  it's a great way to increase their meagre income and they have a website -  it's a program about the indian ocean and it's really good.  i think it's on sbs1


  1. I really liked the first 2 photos!!
    This winter has been cold and wet.. just like i remember them when i was younger ;-)

    1. hi Matthew. i hope the recent earthquake didn't affect you. adelaide probably not quite as cold as melbourne.

  2. I smiled about you feeling like you were lunching alone while your grandchildren were all on their new phones. Such a comment on kids today. Glad your procedures went well and that all is fine with you. That picture of the lotus looks like something that could only grow in Heaven. Take care.

  3. Oh my, the
    Do you know I was walking up the street in the city the other day texting and bumped into a couple of young girls who were watching where they were going :)
    Been a bit cool down here but it's ok..


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