Saturday, 28 July 2012

sicky poo

i'm sick. infected sinuses. i think i caught the bug from cookie last weekend. maybe, who knows. i plan to rest today. daughter and kids might come over for lunch tomorrow, it depends how i feel. i don't usually get colds etc. maybe i need some vitamins. other than that everything is ok. i got my new glasses and my sight has improved. only problem is that circles (plates and coffee cups) look oval instead of round and rectangles look like trapezoids. i seem to recall the same prob when i got my previous glasses so might just need some time to adjust. i can read the tv menu now. so that's good and the best part is they only cost $16 because of the cover of my private health thingy. they've never been that price before. usually i pay over $100. cool.


 enjoy your weekend.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

    1. awww you are too kind. thank you

  2. Wow love the rainbow. Sorry to hear that you are sick. There is so much of it around this winter. Brisbane is the flu capital of Oz would you believe,. TOH and I have had a dose of it but not too bad and we are over it now. Hope you get better soon. You got a good deal with your glasses. I need new ones and I am going to try the free ones from my private health company, which have their own centre. last time I got new ones my keyboard had a hump in the middle of it but it has flattened out now.


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