Thursday, 12 July 2012


i hate spam.  we all do.  i'm so sick of it.  i'm with yahoo and have been for yonks but the spam is driving me mad. i have to open my spam folder just in case a legit email goes there.  it does happen.  i filter as much as possible but they don't always work.  i block addresses which i really don't think helps as they don't often send their rubbish twice to the same email addy, but, i may be wrong about that.  i thought hotmail might be better but it's too much trouble to completely change addresses as everyone knows the one at yahoo.  the spam is getting worse too.  quite inappropriate and certainly nsfw.  don't these people know that i don't have a penis (and if i did what gives them the right to assume i'd want to enlarge it with their products), i don't gamble online and i don't really want to see someone's webcam just coz she thinks i'm cute?  how the heck does she know that as she's never met me.  and why are the girls with sex cams always called Heather?  what is your solution, if any, with the dreaded spam? i don't get any in my isp inbox.
cup of tea anyone?  i put this on my friend's fb as she's crazy about Lionel and this song.


  1. It sure is annoying. Bill gets heaps but I'm lucky and don't get too much. I'm with gmail and it usually filters out the spam.

  2. I also get a lot of spam. As a guy, it offends me that I'm constantly being encouraged to increase the size of my penis. I want to know who out there is talking about me!

  3. How come I am not getting these offers???? I am feeling a bit left out :-(
    Now that i think about it, I don't think Heather has emailed me once!!!!!

  4. I have yahoo also, spam comes for ages then it stops but it all seems to go into the spam folder...I sure do laugh at the content of the spam mails in that folder :)

  5. Spam sucks all spam is yuck even the spam that comes in a can........I just had to say that.........I check my email every day and even though I have a spam folder I sill find it in my inbox it is part of having an email address..........


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