Wednesday, 26 December 2012

presents and fish

i hope your Christmases were happy and safe.  i received a herb garden from my son and dil and various other pressies.  the g/kids were happy with their loot and lunch went without a hitch.  they all begged asked for dessert this year.  usually i have to persuade and coax them to have some.  i think we all had a good time.  the weather was certainly kind to us, 39 the day before and only 26 on the 24th (when we have our Christmas lunch) .  i'm off work for a week and am busy doing up my spare room coz i got a new bed.  there's so much stuff in there.  mostly books that i'll probably never read again, and sewing and painting stuff.  there's a mountain of it.  i don't know where it all comes from.  :)  my last fishy died the other day so i cleaned out the bowl and got some more.  i wasn't paying attention and the girl gave me five of the biggest fish.  hmmm.  i have a very small bowl.  they are a bit crowded and unfortunately my favourite, pinky, died the very next day. i haven't told the kids yet.  they are dirty little things too.  the water was like pea soup yesterday, i had to run the filter thingy all day, and that agitates the water like a washing machine.  i think their days are numbered.  sorry fishies

my herb garden, i hope i don't kill them.  i am growing some coriander from seed and it's doing well atm

jourdy and ants

michael and shar



  1. You make me laugh with your fish stories. It sounds like you should just have one at a time and replace it when it dies rather than 5 at a time. I hope you are more successful with the herbs. They like lots of sun and water. Dead fish fertiliser might go well too.

    1. hi Diane, yes, i know, i'm not very smart when i get fish. one at a time would be better i agree. you know, when i cleaned out the tank the other day i emptied it down the drain and then thought, hey, i should put this on the garden. free fertiliser. :) hope the herbs do better

  2. It's the spin cycle that kills them. Don't ask how I know this. Happy Holidays.

  3. I am not a fish person, my daughter tried having a fish when she moved out of home but it died after only a couple of days so she didn't bother anymore.......


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