Sunday, 30 December 2012

windows 8 and holidays

i don't know what made me do it but i installed windows 8 the other night and have had major problems with it since.  it's all going along swimmingly now but it's been a headache.  firstly, my dvd wasn't recognised and when i fixed that the touchpad wasn't in my device manager but was active.  the mouse was going all over the place.  all fixed now but i really wouldn't recommend it.  it came with a special price with my laptop in june.  i thought i'd better take advantage of it before the time period ran out.
i booked my holiday last night and am going to cairns with my dil.  no bali for me atm at least .  my dil's mum and sister live up there and my friend Di.  we are staying in her sister's apartment block which sounds nice.  we plan to go out on the reef and up in the skyrail.  i missed out on both when i was there a few years ago.
my grandson is staying over with me for a few days.  we have just gotten back from shopping.  lots of shopping.  i'm pooped.  :)  daughter is picking him up today and we are having lunch.  some reposted photos from my blog

my week and a few days off have gone so quickly.  i don't think i'm ready to go back to work yet.  :)


  1. Cairns is an ok place, so I am sure you will enjoy.
    Windows 8, oh dear! If i had to get a new computer right now I don't know if I would get Windows 8 installed on it, but they come that way, probably would install Win& if it would let me.
    Happy New Year to you.

  2. i like cairns. very picturesque. windows 8. ahhh. it's been a headache and still has a few issues. :( i don't know what made me do it. happy new year to you and your family too. i hope it's a good one for you all :)


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