Monday, 14 October 2013

i'm on holidays

i love holidays.  i'm flying to bali tomorrow and have overpacked as usual but i am leaving some of it there so it might work out.  i've just had a coffee and am going back to repack (for the fourth time).  one day i will get it right. i am thinking of a trip to vietnam in february.  apparently that's the best time of year to go weather wise.  everyone says that i should broaden my horizons.
i went to dinner last night with my son and dil which was really nice.  we haven't done that for ages. other than this exciting news nothing much else has been happening.  it's another miserable day in adelaide. in the past 11 days we have had an over 35 degree day,  hurricane (i exaggerate just a bit) winds, hailstorms and lots of rain.  just your normal adelaide weather really.  the wind yesterday was bitterly cold and so strong that when i went to empty my recycle bin it nearly blew me and the recycling away.
oh well, back to the packing.  i'm trying to lighten my load,  :)  a few random bali pics


  1. Bali is definitely a place I'd like to visit. Have a wonderful time.

    1. you should go one day Stephen. you will both love it. thank you

  2. Replies
    1. thank you matthew. i am loving your pieces from your trip. i'm not going as far afield as you but a holiday is a holiday. :)

  3. Have a safe journey and a great holiday.
    Windy and cool down here for days now, hope it soon warms up.

  4. have a great time and I agree widen your horizons there are other nice places besides Bali.

  5. It was a pretty awesome day in Adelaide today, but another cool change forecast.
    Have a awesome Bali holiday. One day I would like to get back there although Vietnam is higher on my wish list


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