Saturday, 5 October 2013

i'm retiring

no, not a shy shrinking violet.  my working days are coming to an end soon.  my last day should be 27 december.  i'm taking long service leave and some annual leave which should take me up till 20 april. i'm excited, nervous and a bit scared. all normal i suppose.  how will i cope financially?  what will i do with my days?  no, the last question does not apply.  i'm going to take up art again and yoga.  i have been saying i'll take up yoga again for yonks but so far i haven't done so.  but i will.  :)  
i went to the adelaide market again last night for dinner and a little bit of shopping.  three workmates and me.  we had a fab time.  my dil recently took me to a new (for me) restaurant.  malacca.  malaysian and asian.  absolutely delish.  we had a great meal.  then coffee and cake afterwards.  also delish.  it's a long w/end but as i don't work on mondays it's a bit of a non event for me.  i hope to catch up with cookie and a friend whom i haven't seen for ages.  i'm very bad at staying in touch with people.  enjoy your weekend and long weekend if it applies to you.  i didn't realize it was the start of daylight saving on the saturday/sunday.  enjoy


  1. Retiring! December is not that far away, and I am sure you will find plenty to do. I think most women accept retirement better than men sometimes.

  2. Good luck with your retirement, and i look forward to posts showing your artwork. Take care.

  3. how wonderful, you can have so many amazing experiences you might have tucked away as not having real time for. I hope you get everything you deserve out of this time.

  4. Retirement is fun when you get used to it. A bit strange at first as there is no urgency in your life. But then you get involved with hobbies and friends and then there never seems to be a dull moment. Good luck with your retirement.


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