Thursday, 27 February 2014

a day out

the plumber arrived early to fix the leak behind the shower.  it must have been a heavy duty job coz he took his welding equipment upstairs.  :)  he's taped plastic over the taps and missing tiles so i can shower and the tiler is coming tomorrow.  i hope.  then my friend came over for coffee coz his doctor is nearby. he has hurt his back quite badly and is having physio and has just had xrays.  no major problems so nothing to do except physio.  i hope it's on the mend soon.  he then drove me into the city where i went to the state library to look at my old high school yearbooks.  i have been meaning to do this for ever.  years and years.  so i rang to arrange everything and took a few photos of the staff and students. there wasn't a photo of me coz i was absent on the day they took a photo of the girls cricket team. bummer.  i enjoyed looking through them and then i went to the art gallery.  that was really enjoyable too.  they have a lot of indonesian artifacts and a room of dutch delftware.  it's amazing.  such beautiful treasures and paintings.  then i went to the new adelaide library stopping on the way at the oxfam shop where i bought a very lovely glass ring.  it's got gold in it.  very nice and not expensive.  the new library is very nice of course but i was a little disappointed as it's a bit, i don't know, bland comes to mind.  it's got the new whiz bang technology areas.  hubs.  it's very nice really.  it's funny coz it's down a little alley and up on the third floor.  i borrowed a dvd and some mags that i haven't seen before.  the fringe is on atm and the city was abuzz with performers.  i fasted today and all the cafes smelt divine.  oh well, i'd best go up to bed and read my new mags.  it's milo time.  :)   i forgot to mention that my brake lights are working again.  i fixed them myself.  i bought new globes and it did the trick.  i am a bit baffled by that but not complaining coz i envisaged paying megabucks to an auto electrician.  sometimes you have to be lucky don't you? 

cookie and caiden

my new ring

my gran-daughter adina

please no more car problems for a while


  1. Sometimes showers can be a problem.
    Good you got to see your old years books from school.
    I only have one photo that I know of from school in a group and not many others either.
    You are clever to fix your cars lights.
    Ring looks good.

  2. Clever clogs fixing your car lights. Nice pics too. We were at QLD state library today.


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