Sunday, 23 February 2014

it's all happening

bloody hell, it never stops.  i stayed at mazzy's house last night coz she was going through some stuff and needed company. she made some dumplings and we had wine.  she also said i have sleep apnea (?) and i should get it checked out coz i snored all night.  i find this hard to believe coz i hardly slept at all.   i came home about 7 this morning and just as i was about to turn into my driveway i noticed the red and blue lights behind me.  omg.  seems my brake lights aren't working, there's a sticker covering my middle brake light in the rear window and i need new plates coz they are just starting to peel.  hopefully it's just a loose wire or something similar.  hopefully.  the mechanic came and put in a new alternator the other day and that's all good now.  no smell. the battery seems to be ok and didn't need to be replaced. grrrrrrrrrr


  1. Hope your breaks lights turn out ok. Always the way when you just have had something done to your vehicle, something else happens.
    Sleep Apnea, oh my, that is when you stop breathing for awhile I believe in your supposedly sleep. My husbands snores, he sounds like a train, and to be fair I do too :)

  2. That is a great flow chart!!!!!
    as for snoring, I wake myself up sometimes from snoring... I guess that is a good thing?.. right??.....


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