Thursday, 27 April 2017

cut it out

the doctor found a 'suspicious mole' when i had my skin check recently.  so made an appointment to have it removed.  after ringing the surgery to get the results as requested i had to wait 5 days for the doctor to ring me back and tell me it was a benign tumour.  yesterday i attended the same clinic to keep the appointment to have the stitches removed.  but the doctor said they are not ready to be removed so made me an appointment with the same doctor who did the procedure in the first place in two weeks.  yep.  two weeks.  that can't be right can it?  after waiting 1.5 hours to see the doctor, i had to wait again so that the nurse could redress the wound.  the doctor had to type out the report twice (he made a mistake with the first one) so that the nurse could do this.  he could have done it himself in 5 minutes.  i could have done it myself in 5 minutes.  i hate that clinic.

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