Friday, 21 April 2017

that's better

it's been a while since i last posted, lots has happened and i've been quite hectic with family and other things.  i had cataract surgery on my other eye which is settling down fairly well.  my eyesight is amazing except for needing reading glasses now.  nothing to complain about.  the surgery was completely different this time.  it took longer and the older doctor took over a few times.  their machine (i have no idea what it's called) was set up incorrectly so they fiddled with that too.  a very lovely nurse held my hand because i was extremely nervous, although, not as much as last time.  the nursing staff are wonderful and deserve kudos for their kindness and care.  


  1. Glad all went well, it's an op I have to have probably this year.
    Hope you are well apart from that!

    1. hi Margaret, i can recommend the op. it's quiet simple and may take half and hour or so. the results are very good. no pain involved although the eye can be a little bit tender afterwards. i know any surgery is daunting and a bit scary. :)


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