Wednesday, 29 February 2012

my brain

the good news is that they found one.  yay.  i had a cat scan recently.  nothing serious wrong with me.  everything normal except that i've got brain atrophy.  sounds serious.  oooooh.  i googled it,  it just means my brain has shrunk.

the pattern and rate of progression of cerebral atrophy depends on the disease involved. diseases that cause cerebral atrophy include: 
age  bingo***
stroke and traumatic brain injury
depression (mood)  my brain has shrunk, that's enough to depress anyone***
alzheimer's disease, pick’s disease, senile dementia, fronto-temporal dementia, and vascular dementia
cerebral palsy, in which lesions (damaged areas) may impair motor coordination
huntington's disease, and other genetic disorders that cause build-up of toxic levels of proteins in neurons
leukodystrophies, such as krabbe disease, which destroy the myelin sheath that protects axons
mitochondrial encephalomyopathies, such as kearns-sayre syndrome, which interfere with the basic functions of neurons
multiple sclerosis, which causes inflammation, myelin damage, and lesions in cerebral tissue
infectious diseases, such as encephalitis, neurosyphilis, and aids, in which an infectious agent or the inflammatory reaction to it destroys neurons and their axons
epilepsy, in which lesions cause abnormal electrochemical discharges that result in seizures
anorexia nervosa
i've never heard of some of these.  basically i'm a bit young to show signs of it.  it's usually in older people.  it could or could not be a precursor for alzheimer's among other things.  there's no way of telling.  there's no swelling or inflammation and everything else is normal.  i had no idea what is was and had to hold on to the chair.  fancy having the other thing and a brain tumour.  no brain tumour.  yay again.  now for the really scary part.  i've shrunk.  dr weighed and measured me.  i am 168 cm.  well, not anymore.  163 cm now.  i wish my feet would shrink.  my cholesterol level has gone down a bit.  6.8  the hard part is that i have to lose weight.  dr also said that my good cholesterol is high and that would put up my overall reading. bp is good.  well.  after all that i had a lovely lunch with my son and his fam.  he's hurt his back again and will see chiro tomorrow.  all that and a little shopping.  not too horrible.  it's been pouring with rain all day here.  garden will like it. 


  1. Glad to hear that you are ok.. and that you have a brain!!! :-)
    The shrinking part is weird..

  2. Well, to quote an extremely cliched phrase here: Think happy thoughts. Now that you have a brain, you can do this!!!

    1. thanks Queen Bee (what a great name) i am trying to do so. to quote the bobster (bob dylan) 'it's all good'. :)


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