Friday, 2 March 2012

another tree bites the dust

ok, i admit that it may have been a problem for the owners (neighbours) but i object to it's removal.  the tree removal people arrived at 7.30 am and they have just stopped. it's nearly 11.30 am.   the noise was ( i hope they're finished) incredible. kill me now.   the tree was one of my favourites.  a pink peppercorn. it hung over the corner of the car park and was beautiful. it provided much needed shade.  yes, it did make a bit of mess but not too much and it didn't leave a sticky residue on the car roof as some trees do.  the trunks of these trees are amazing.  i always want to draw them.  such gorgeous textures. we have three outside the library and if i look up i can see one of them through the skylight window when sitting at my desk.  i might go out today and hug a tree, although, the last time i did that, i got bitten by an ant.  :)

how gorgeous is that?


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