Sunday, 25 March 2012

my big day out

Lan, my friend from work, came over yesterday.  she was going to cook me noodles for lunch.  she rang last week but i was felling a bit sicky poo so we put it off until yesterday.  we were both free for the day so decided to go to the market.  first up we had a delicious lunch, chicken, veggies and flat rice noodles.  with soy, red vinegar and chilli on the side.  a huge plate arrived at the table and i couldn't believe that we'd eat it all but we did.  so, our tummies satisfied we did some veggie shopping.  bargains everywhere.  i'm going to attempt to make zucchini fritters this arvo so got the ingredients for them.  if they turn out half as nice as the ones at my local cafe i'll be pleased.  then, it was time to look for my coffee.  my son and i went in to the market last week and two supermarkets didn't have it so i wasn't hopeful. Lan was though and took me to the shop she usually goes to but alas in the tea/coffee aisle there was no kapal api kopi for me.  but ....  she said don't worry and dragged me (literally) through a thousand (not literally) aisles to the back of the shop and voila!  there it was.  i stocked up and bought ten bags.  i'll keep it in the fridge.  should be ok.  i was getting a little bit desperardo coz i'm on my last bag.  i thought i'd have to go back to italian coffee.  oh, poor me.  so we came home and the kids visited for a little while.  cookie has her party on today at their local park.  not a bad day for it weather wise.  Lan and i had rung the clairvoyant earlier and we said we'd see him at 4.30 pm.  he'd just gotten home when we got there.  no biggie.  soon we were drinking tea and eating the grapes, cheese, nuts and crackers we brought for him.  he's chilean.  he said he got his gifts from his grandmother and he doesn't charge.  this time as well as reading our tarot he read my tea leaves.  he didn't say a great deal.  he mentioned gambling a few times and a loss (money).  as i don't gamble a great deal anyway i wasn't too worried. and i haven't got much money to lose.  so, this morning i've had some lovely little grape tomatoes for brekky with my toast and of course my coffee.  i haven't planned anything for today (except the fritters) so hope to have a fairly relaxing day. i hope you enjoy your sunday wherever you are.

i just took this photo coz it looked nice on the table 
i recently planted an avocado seed and was surprised to find this in the garden.  something is eating it though. 

little tomatoes for brekky

this little guy looked on while the tomatoes cooked

ahhh  relief.  i have coffee again


  1. some nice pics of the toms' and avocados!

  2. Your post is really making my tummy growl.

  3. I would love to be dragged through the market. We don't have one close by, we have to drive some distance and our markets never seem to be as nice as those in other states and countries.

  4. I have never heard of kapal api kopi but that is no shock there are many things I have not heard those noodles sound nice.......

  5. Seems like you had a good day then.
    Just catching up on your blog.
    Hope you are keeping ok.
    Tarot card - never been to anything like that.


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