Sunday, 18 March 2012

bug run 2

bug run march 2012

we went on another bug run today.  up into the hills, down to the beach and cafe primo for lunch.  we are all pooped.  my son made a short video. the backing music is by his band khatrun.  i have to put it in as a link above.  apologies.  we had a lovely day.  the club members are all very friendly people and a good time was had by all.  i'm off tomorrow and then back to work on tuesday.  ewwwww  :)

a pic from the last bug run. i forgot my camera today :(

the weather today was perfect.

yesterday i went up to see my daughter and g/kids.  their dog had nine puppies.  the pups are too cute and have their eyes open now.  we had a nice day.  a little lunch and a little shopping.  we went to about four garage sales too and had a great day.   i hope you enjoyed your weekend 


  1. Thanks for the link.. the clip and tune were great.. I felt like I was cruising along with you all!!!! have a fab day off tomorrow :-)

  2. Bugs are so cute if they have 4 wheels and called a Other bugs are not so cute they are creepy and

    1. these are def. the cute ones Jo-Anne.

  3. I wondered what a bug run was until I saw the photo. The video and music is terrific. Do you own the bug or your son. It must be a fun outing. I didn't know there were so many bugs still around. They were great little cars. I went from Sydney to Brisbane in a friend's bug way back in 1962.


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