Wednesday, 7 March 2012


we had a fire at work today.  it was just outside the garage in the bark garden.  it was about the size of a dinner plate.  we don't know how it started.  there didn't seem to be a cigarette butt involved but who knows?   of course most of us went outside to have a sticky beak.  the smell went right through the library so of course we were concerned (at first).  our mobile librarian just kept unpacking the van and didn't seem terribly concerned as he'd already checked it out.  rightly so, it was a very small fire.  lots of smoke of course.  it was flaring up a little but wasn't spreading very quickly.  nothing to be concerned about really.  i'd just come off the desk and was a bit brain dead (it was late afternoon).  we have a fire warden of course but she was busy at the council desk.  everyone went in to get some water and i monitored the fire.  lol.  first M arrived with a bucket of water and proceeded to pour it over the fire.  success.  fire was out.   then S arrived with a jug of water and threw that on the ground where the fire used to be.  then, believe it or not, T arrived with a bottle of water and put that on the ground too.  she was concerned that it was caused by the electrical thingy in the ground a few inches away.  so, the fire was successfully extinguished.  mobile librarian P was having a wonderful time by all of this activity and posed the question 'how many librarians does it take to put out a fire?  and made other witty observations about the situation.  you can imagine the fun he was having.  well, the excitement over we all made our way inside.  by this time i was nearly due to go home so packed up my desk and got ready to leave.  it was then that i noticed that i was holding my bottle of water the whole time.  talk about lmfao and lol. how embarrassing. (no-one else noticed either)  i did mention, didn't i, that i was a bit brain dead from the very busy desk?

i told them to ring the fire brigade.  firemen are usually quite cute

that's a lot of firemen

what a hero


  1. So... how many librarians does it take to put out a fire?... I suspect there will need to be at least one to catalog the type of fire ;-)

    1. BY the way, I forgot to add.. Great pics!

  2. I just found your blog and I think it's lots of fun. You're a good writer. I live in Portland Oregon where it's cold and damp right now. I hope you'll visit my blog at Chubby Chatterbox, and if you press the join button I'll return the favor. Have a great weekend.


  3. I'm singing the Fireman Sam song now....that was a bit of unexpected excitement in your day!

  4. Good the fire was put out.
    Love the photos...all 3 of them.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.


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