Monday, 5 March 2012


i've taken up walking again.  i have to lose weight and i'm so unfit.  i'd love to jog but for the life of me i can't run or jog.  i tried tonight.  walk briskly for a minute or so and then jog for a short period. (very short) i managed about five metres.  that's really sad isn't it?  and my shins hurt, but that will get better.  i must say it made a difference because although i walked the same distance i felt like i'd gotten a better 'workout'.  i got up a sweat in fact.  i could never jog or run, even in school.  i am quite flexible and can do a bit of yoga but i've never been 'bouncy'.  by that i mean running and jumping and getting off the ground in fact. does that make sense?  probably not.  i'm also making a concerted effort to eat smaller portions and def. not go back for seconds.  i borrowed the gabriel method from work and quite frankly it doesn't make sense yet.  having said that i haven't even finished the first chapter but i'll give it a go.  it came with a cd including a meditation session which i'm def. going to try.


  1. Gabriel Method seems interesting...

  2. Goodness, good luck with your walking.
    Read your last post....never heard of it either.
    Sounds like you will be ok :) and I bet you are glad that is over!
    All the best.


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