Tuesday, 6 March 2012

a very unwanted visitor. send help please

help.  i just saw a mouse on the inside of my back door (it has opaque glass panels) and the screen door.  it was up quite high, probably trying to find a way out.  i'm a terrified of mice.  really, really scared.  i hate them.  i know it's the weather that's brought them around.  there's a smallish hole down the bottom of the screen door.  it's gotten in there.  omg.  it put me off my dinner which is very unusual as nothing much makes me lose my appetite.  oh i can't stand it.  there are herbs that deter mice, does anyone have any suggestions?  i must get that hole fixed asap.  the other day i walked outside and around the back i saw 'something' blackish and fast disappear under the fence into the cemetery yard.  i just glimpsed it so can't say what it was.  i can't go out there to see if it's still there coz if it's there i'll be even more stressed and i can't open the door inside coz if it's still between the doors it will come in and then i'll be a real mess.  there's no-one to call either coz my son is out tonight and my sil (the pest exterminator, don't laugh) is too far away.  shit, i really wish i had a cat.


  1. Oh my, a mouse they have the knack of getting through a small crack. Haven't got any ideas for you to rid yourself of it a nice way.

  2. If you had our cat, she'd catch the mouse (without hurting it) and bring it into the shower recess or the bath, knowing they can't escape. Then you'd scream!

    Hope your wee visitor leaves very soon!

  3. hi M and Cindy, thanks for your comments. i know they can get into the smallest spaces. i think i must save up for a devon rex pussy cat. i'd probably have to take a lot of allergy medication but it would be worth it. Cindy, i scream when they're outside. this morning i put a banana skin in the rubbish bin and a piece of banana bounced across the floor and i screamed. i'm a bit nervous atm. mice do that to me :( my son came over last night and of course it had gone but there are signs of them on the back veranda. my sil will get me some deterents. i'm fine, i'm fine i'm fine. :)


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