Friday, 30 March 2012

good news at last

well i'll be.  i think i told you that i requested a major change to my existing hours with the restructure going on at work recently.  we all had a one on one today with our boss and guess what?  YES YES YES.  they gave me everything i asked for.  i can't believe it.  yippee.  wednesday, thursday and friday and every other saturday.  i don't know the fine details atm but will hear soon enough.  they are expecting the new hours to start in may. i'm on annual leave for the whole of may so when i get back hopefully it will be in place. this is due to the new eb that states that all full time staff are not allowed to work weekends anymore. we are getting a new library system very soon and training will start while i'm away.  no problem.  i'll catch up.  it's a fairly user friendly system by all reports.    all that and my new phone is waiting for me at the post office.  it arrived today but as i was at work the courier took it to the post office.  all in all i'm pretty chuffed.  i think i'd rather win lotto and retire but hey one thing at a time.  :)   the kitty is pleased too


  1. Chuffed? Haven't heard that one before. But congratulations on getting everything you asked for. You undoubtedly deserve it and must be a hard worker.

  2. Congrats!!! I hope a good tatt's win is next for you ;-)

  3. Happy times for youooooo, congrats, enjoy!!!

  4. That's wonderful news, so good luck with that :)
    Hope you are well...yes, I am ok thanks.


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