Tuesday, 13 November 2012

busy day today

i've had quite a productive day.  amongst other things i've:

  • drilled some holes for more cuphooks to, wait for it, hang up some cups/mugs
  • charged the drill
  • cleaned out my linen cupboard
  • vacuumed (very rare, hardly ever happens)
  • listened to billie holiday cds
  • glued together a plate rack (wooden)
  • mowed the lawn (it's postage stamp sized but i still mowed it)
  • swept up some more leaf litter out the back
  • fixed my venitian blind in the spare room
  • went to my neighbour's aid when the builders next door dumped an old vine that was on the shed they are dismantleling on her car this morning.  she was cutting it up and it would have taken her all day. they removed it when i explained what had happened.
  • moved a pile of christmas presents into the cupboard under the stairs. finally
  • took the suitcase i bought recently upstairs
  • bought something on ebay
  • vowed to give up buying stuff on ebay
  • found an old (really old) password for webshots.  they are closing down and i have to d/load my photos.  took forever
  • went shopping and bought, among other things, two mangoes.  hmmmm.  and had to eat it the old fashioned way (over the sink) when the new mango gadget didn't work.  mango too ripe maybe.  still yum
  • withdrew some money and wondered where the last withdrawal went
  • checked my lotto ticket numbers and guess what?  back to work tomorrow for me
  • bought some seeds, coriander and parsley. i hope they grow.
  • made a few important decisions
  • bought a pack of wooden spoons to replace the existing ones which are looking so grotty
  • wasted time on facebook and reading blogs (it's my hobby)
  • didn't have to drive my friend to hospital coz she went in later than we thought and her sister took her
  • went through my kitchen drawers and my clothes closet upstairs and took 3 bags of clothes and 1 box of kitchen things to the second hand shop.  i feel just a bit lighter :)
  • and a few other things i've probably forgotten

i'm going to bed early tonight.  i'm quite tired


  1. Gosh you have been very busy. You sound very enthusiastic . Hope you had a good sleep..take care..M

  2. I'm tired just reading all of your accomplishments. I think you've earned a rest.

  3. Jeezzz would have taken me a fortnight to do all that! You must be exhausted :-)

  4. I bet you felt great after such a productive day.

  5. thanks for your comments everyone. yes, i do feel good when i have a day like that. :)

  6. I feel tired just reading that!

    Lots of favourtite things amongst your list - mangoes, ebay, coriander...All good!

    Hope you're keeping well.


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