Tuesday, 20 November 2012

days off are good

i'm getting used to having monday and tuesday off.  yesterday, i had lunch with Mazzy who's not long out of hospital.  she had an operation but is doing well.  we went to a thai place near her and it was really lovely.  beautiful food and gorgeous restaurant.  and, of course, lovely company.  we went back to hers for greek coffee and i tried to help her put her old bed together in the spare room.  well, that didn't work.  what a mess.  none of the bolts matched and it was so difficult.  we gave up in the end.  my son will go over this morning and do it for her.  we gave it our best shot but failed.  :(  she's got a brand new kitchen which is just gorgeous.  it opens up her kitchen and dining room beautifully.  new whiz bang appliances   you should see her fridge and stove.  fantastic.  her little doggie Bo has been to the parlour and looked very swish and dapper.  bless him.  he's a gorgeous little boy.  her other dog, Snoopy, hated me.  he used to nip at my ankles and break the skin.  horrible little boy.  although, he had a lot of medical issues so, i like to think it was the pain.  dogs usually love me.  lol.  very hot in adelaide today which is not good.  i've just come back from brekky with son and dil.  have you noticed that daytime tv is dismal?  nothing to watch.  i'll have to so some housework.  :(


  1. Glad you had a nice day with your friend and that she's recovering from her ordeal. What would we do without our kids to assemble things? I always have half a dozen parts left over.

  2. Don't you hate those assemble yourself packs. We managed to put our new compost tumbler together ourselves but we needed our daughter to help assemble our outdoor table.


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