Sunday, 15 March 2009

a garage sale

i've never done a garage sale before. interesting experience. everyone warned us we'd be woken up early by the professionals but we weren't. probably coz they couldn't find us. having to go up two flights of stairs may have put some off. god knows how many times i went up those bloody stairs. i put balloons and a sign on my car parked on the road outside in the morning. went up the stairs (again) and they were gone. blew off most likely. i put some more on later in the morning. weather wasn't fab but cleared up in the afternoon. liyana had the brilliant idea of doing a letter box drop but didn't tell me about it until it was too late. we had quite a few customers but didn't do terribly well. things were cheap but she didn't sell the fridge, washer or bedroom suite which is a shame. the washer is a year old and fabulous. trouble is, you can get a warranty and a water rebate if you buy new. it's an electrolux and electronic. going really cheap people. hahahahaha. bedroom suite is leather bedhead, black wood sides and drawer units and a fab gear back support mattress. she paid mega bucks for it and may have to give it to the salvos. she leaves in two weeks. she's coming over to watch dancing tonight (damn) as she sent her stuff up to queensland the other day. she gave me her slow cooker which is quite good. i made a stewy thing in it last night for the kids' lunch today. they had car trouble and haven't arrived yet. it's four pm. oh well. i've got a chicken thingy in it with rice for tea but it might not be ready by then. if not i'll put it on the stove. it's got everything in it, whatever was in the fridge basically. the stew was really delish btw. i still have my washing on the line from this morning and it just rained. damn. you won't believe this but friday night i slept at liyana's for an early start to the garage sale. it was hot in her bedroom and i didn't sleep very well. in the middle of the night i heard her growl, you know like you are really pissed off with something, and woke to see her storming into the lounge room in the darkness. apparently she objected to my snoring. i warned her i snored. she said she could still hear me from the lounge room. how rude of her and she's the one who kept me awake all night tossing and turning and making growling noises etc.


  1. Oh the glorious (not) ups and downs of garage sales, once an anual event in my household, no make that every two years...
    My approach is cutesy and ruthless at the same time, set opening hour, set closing hour (1pm) but the freebie table and glitter gel ink pricing signs made it friendlier.
    I hate g-sale bullies who try and twist your arm for impossible bargains.... to spite them I sell for less to nicer people, that's just me though.
    Well, maybe in a hundred years you'll feel like having another one!

  2. I have helped soo many friends with them I tell you pots of herbs go totally off! nooo not that sort of herb lol
    most of the time we end up in hysterics at that really strange people who rock the dude who tried to get in the house ..three times!..dude we aren't selling you the DVD player for a tenner!
    As for the snoring...yep I definitely snore you wouldn't guess it but ooo boy! ha ha ha
    I also talk in my sleep...upset a boyfriend with some of things I've said ;) Escalator!

  3. oh i'm loving the garage sale stories. i've always wanted to have one of my own and my daughter is always talking about having one too. don't go there with the snoring, she wants to sleep over on saturday night. i'll give her some earplugs. hahahaha F

  4. I love G/Sales but hate having them myself....The Italians and the Asians are the worst...Want everything for nothing....My ex husband was ruthless in getting bargains, still is actually...Me I`ll usually pay the asking price....Dislike confrontation immensely...Hard to believe I

    Hubby says I snore, naturally I don`t believe him.....Our house is full of noises in the night...I have 3 kids who talk non stop in their sleep and a husband who sounds like a freight train...Any wonder I don`t sleep of a night....

  5. Hey girly,
    I saw that you are having troubles with your play list I'm borderline computer illiterate but i have noticed my playlist wont work if I am on blogger through firefox..they say install plugins but pfft I did that and it was a dud so thats my only thought lol I keep to explorer on here then at least the Adobe flash player works!

  6. thanks Shazam, i've thought about putting firefox on. i didn't realize you could have both. i'll try it. pity coz my play list is fabulous. :)

  7. Fran, love garage sales although I have now taken to leaving odds and sods with Vinnies for convenience as the farm is not suitable for a GS.
    So! I too snore and it does present problems when I go away to retreats etc with shared rooms. I become very, very unpopular...


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