Wednesday, 4 March 2009

i've got the blahs

i don't know why. i'm a bit depressed. i feel a little unwell, nothing specific, just like i'm coming down with something. maybe i just need a holiday or a decent sleep.


  1. I'm Sorry to hear that, sleep definitely helps but a holiday would be better. Colour fresh breezes new faces no expectations cocktails markets hot dudes with devil may care attitudes talented hands and gleams in their eyes ....did I mention cocktails???
    Take care Lady Yevisha MWAH!

  2. :) you just described a near perfect holiday. add some great food and i'm there. thanks, Fran

  3. I think it`s the weather Fran cos i`m feeling the same....
    I`ve been so tired myself this week and can`t work out why so the weather i`m

  4. Oh boy FOOOOOOOOOOD how could I have forgotten? I do Love food I just get distracted ;)
    Hope things are brighter today, see ya

  5. Maybe you need a chocolate fix. Mandy could be right if the weather has changed from hot to cooler or Summer to Autumn it can cause some people to feel very tired and Blah! It's actually got a name but can't recall it. Could be season sickness not sure.

  6. hi everyone, i agree it's prob. the weather. too much change too quick. one minute it's 40 degrees and the next 20. it's too much for this little bod. i can't believe it's actually got a name. a friend of mine years ago had to sit in front of a special light because she had a depression type problem. light therapy or something. i'm going to the art gallery on sunday so that should cheer me up. :) only one day to go and it's a long weekend. yay. thanks for your comments, i appreciate them. Fran


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