Friday, 20 March 2009

happy birthday

my grand daughter, Jourdain, is nine tomorrow. she's an aries like her nana. (omg) they are coming for lunch, last week they had car trouble and didn't get here, so i'm really looking forward to that.

and now for a rant:
i'm so tired this morning, the fu(king dog next door woke me up. it barks at dogs in the park next door. the neighbour was banging around too. i was so frustrated that i screamed shut up at the top of my lungs and it actually stopped. get out of town. i was in my kitchen and it was out side so you can imagine how loud my scream was. bastard dog and inconsiderate bitch owner. sorry for the language. i'm tired.


  1. Happy birthday to Jourdain, wow, she will be ten before you know it, make lots of loving memories before then, enjoy!

  2. My how quick they grow...Hope Jourdain has a wonderful day tomorrow and I bet nana is going to spoil her

    Yes we have yappy dogs too but I broing them in of a night because I wouldn`t like to be woken by them...Some people can be really inconsiderate especially when it comes to their pets...
    Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight...


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