Tuesday, 10 March 2009

my busy long weekend

we didn't get to the gallery. couldn't find a park anywhere in the whole of adelaide so we went to norwood again and had lunch, shopped a bit and then went to the movies to see slumdog millionaire. when liyana goes to cairns in a few weeks i'll miss going to the movies. the movie was fantastic but a little disturbing in parts. at least the ending was good. it deserved the oscar. i was going to see the g/kids on saturday but didn't get there, so saw them yesterday after the girls left. they came over for lunch and didn't leave till 4.30 pm. great lunch, i made another chicken salad with feta, lime, chicken natch, roasted pumpkin, tomato, lettuce, coriander, mint and i forget what else. it was a hit. i am watching underbelly on the teev, i missed the first one coz i was in bali. i don't know it's good i suppose. matthew newton is excellent as clark. i can't stand him and his father even less, but, you have to give it to him, he's good in this. a real sleeze bag. i'm off tomorrow, my son is coming for breakfast then he's going to do my hair for me, bless him, then i'm going to the optometrist, then physio/acupuncture, then i'm going to try and get a haircut. i tired to get into see the dr but can't until next week. bummer. my lovely indo. coffee tastes fab in my specky new coffee cups. i must take a pic and post it.


  1. It`s mad March alright...Town will be a nightmare for a while yet...
    Haven`t watched the new series of underbelly yet...
    Doctors are impossible to see these days...Too bad if it`s urgent...We need more doctors ....
    Have a great day off

  2. Slumdog was a great movie, I loved it. Saw the first underbelly but not this one. I heard that it isn't all true. I would love to see some pics and recipes of your lovely lunches.

  3. Haven't seen the movie but I would like to I do,however, watch Underbelly and I like it is a bit gruesome but good also watched the first one and like that also.

  4. Hi Fran
    Looking forward to seeing Slumdog. It will probably have to be on DVD as I cannot sit still with pain as my constant companion.
    Lunch sounds yummy. Pics are always great!
    Love your new pic on the Header just as I did the previous one.


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