Sunday, 1 December 2013

a graduation shopping trip

my daughter and i took cookie to the shops yesterday to buy her some things for her graduation which is coming up soon.  she starts high school next year.   we got her some new shoes, some pretty underthings, some jewellery and a few other bits and pieces.  my daughter's friend is going to do her hair.  she already has her dress picked out.  i will take a photo on the night and post it.  anthony stayed over at his girlfriend's house overnight and i picked him up on my way through.  they are both growing up so fast and soon we will have a new baby in the family so that we can start all over again.  :)  they put their christmas tree up for their mother the other night and did a very good job.  i think she supervised from the sidelines.  the dog helped too


  1. It's amazing how fast they grow up. Take care.

  2. Another baby, that will be nice for you in retirement.


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