Sunday, 15 December 2013

in the closet

firstly, no baby news
secondly, i was going through my closet last night and moving a few things.  i have a water cooler, an analogue tv and a video player to get rid of and still not much room in there. why do i have 53 blankets/quilts/covers/throws?  they take up so much room.
thirdly, i found a stash of old love letters.  whatever do you do with them?  do i keep them and let the kids find them when i die, or, do i throw them out now?  i 'spose it depends how much they mean to me.  i'll sleep on it.
i've got library disease atm. for those who don't know what this rare condition entails, it's the urge to sort/arrange/purge/clean/tidy/store/label etc etc everything in sight. i don't get it often thank goodness as it's very tiring, however, it feels great when i do have it.  there's nothing like it.  a half empty drawer/cupboard is a lovely thing to behold.  i was thinking with all the spare time i'm going to have on my hands (see my cousin's comment below) i would clean out/purge the house room by room.  not an easy task and not a new one.  i've been blogging about it for years.  i went through my clothes recently and got rid of a lot.  still too many.  i have so much 'stuff'. 
i've got to buy a christmas present for Maz today.  she's so hard to buy for.  i have left it rather late because i can't think of anything.  my cousin told me that because i'll be retired with nothing to do i can help her with the family history.  filing. what????????????  kill me now. filing is the most boring thing ever invented.  yes, i know i have library disease atm but it's not that severe.  nothing to do?  is she insane?  also, they are begging me to go back to work as a volunteer.  i should feel flattered i suppose but it's too early to tell.


  1. Your library disease would be a welcome addition to our house. Feel free to come and organize anytime.

  2. Old love letters... how romantic!
    They are a rare thing now days :-)

  3. I think you should come over here and do that to my cupboards, you would be a great help.
    Love letter - goodness, I suppose you have re-read them?


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