Tuesday, 24 December 2013

i've been cleaning

i washed the car today and just finished giving the bathroom upstairs a good scrub.  long overdue.  i'm cooking the turkey and i've made the tiramisu.  i won't tell you about the accident i had with the cream mixture.  let's just say it was messy.  and of course i licked my fingers during the process so felt a bit sick.  i don't usually eat a lot of sweet things.  the yoghurt i bought today is really yuck.  i got the low fat/no added sugar one this time.  big mistake.  i've wrapped the presents and have the sitting room and kitchen to do.  it never ends.  i have a few other things to do but i'm not stressing about them, if they don't happen they don't.  no biggie.  i hope you all have a wonderful christmas with your loved ones and you enjoy your day.  i went into work today to collect some loans and wish them all a merry christmas but forgot they were closing at 2pm.  i arrived at 10 to.  oopps.  my mistake.  i was almost one of 'those' customers.  people were still arriving when i left.  merry christmas everyone. 

awwww a christmas kitty.  he doesn't look happy does he?


  1. Enjoy your turkey tomorrow. Merry Christmas...

  2. Hope it all comes together nicely for you tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

  3. I hope you and your family have a wondrous and very Merry Christmas.

  4. merry christmas Margaret, Diane and Stephen. i hope you enjoy your christmas and you have a wonderful day xxx


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