Monday, 30 December 2013

memories from long ago

as you know i'm sorting etc etc etc.  spare room.  it's a slow process as i went through photos yesterday and this morning i started on a box of cards.  fairly recent ones and then, i spotted another box of cards and they are very old.  from old neighbours long ago, cards from my mum and dad.  i found a card from 1954 that mum had written from my sister and me to my father for his birthday.  wow.  i found baby cards for both my kids and my son is 42.  wedding cards and of course condolence cards when mum and dad died and then my husband in 1991.  ahhh, so long ago.  i found cards from people i have either forgotten or hardly knew.  i'm going to recycle some of them.  i'm sorting the photos into members of the family for now.  my son, daughter, sister, bali, etc.  i only have three photo albums and wonder if i should leave them in boxes or put them in albums.  the latter take up more room, or perhaps not.  i don't know.  i also have a bad case of insomnia lately.  can't sleep although i'm tired.  i think last night my mind was too busy with the photos and thinking about stuff that i couldn't sleep.  but, and here's the good part, i didn't have to get up early, so it's not too horrible.  i'm trying not to have a nana nap during the day coz then i really have trouble sleeping.  the weather here has been great.  real summer weather (or what i wish was the usual summer weather).  about 30 degrees.  i even stayed in my spare room yesterday and it was only 25 in there.  usually our weather during the summer is STINKING HOT.  tomorrow and wednesday for example is predicted to be 35 and 37.  much too hot for me and i can't go upstairs when it's that hot during the day.  a cool change is predicted for thursday.  yay.  i'd better get back to the cards.   i look around me and can't see an end to this sorting and cleaning business.  at least it keeps me occupied i suppose.  enjoy your day wherever you are


  1. We could use a bit of heat here in Portland right about now.

  2. yes i know Stephen. opposite sides of the world. different hemispheres. today is ok. hot but bearable. i am obsessed with the weather. :)

  3. Enjoy your sorting and relive the memories. We are back in Brisbane where the weather is hot and stormy but I prefer it to victorian weather where we were for Christmas. Freezing one day and scorching the next.

    1. victoria and sa have very similar weather. as you say freezing one day and scorching the next. i'd love to live somewhere where the weather is more regular. i went to melbourne for a weekend a while ago and it was a heatwave. yuk

  4. What fun you have had then sorting cards and photos. I have my mums photos in a box, the photos mostly are very small and half the people I don't know. I will keep them.
    Sorry to hear you can't sleep - a change as in sea change for you, but time will sort that out.
    Weather same down here as you, but we haven't had it that hot only in the 20's....but lovely days, our weather comes across from Perth, to SA then Tasmania, usually.

    Happy New Year...Margaret


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