Friday, 13 December 2013

thank the goddess it's friday

it's been a busy week for most people and next week will be too i suspect.  no news yet about the baby.  daughter went to hospital for a procedure day before yesterday but nothing has happened.  bubs will come when he's ready and not before.  cookie was successful with her application to a local song and dance theatre group.  yay.  i have four working days left but who's counting?  oh yes, i am.  anthony was having girlfriend problems last night when i rang.  oh dear.  i'm off to work.  have a lovely day wherever you are

an overgrown beetle


  1. The beetles in OUR yard are much smaller.

    1. mine too Stephen, Fran

  2. Yes, baby will come when it's ready. Exciting time :)
    Last day tomorrow for your work if I remember...


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