Wednesday, 11 December 2013


we went to Cookie's graduation last night and it was lovely.  the class did two performances and of course there were speeches and then the presentations.  one teacher did a rap which was really good about all the students in her class.  lots of photos and then the kids were served dinner by the teachers. it doesn't seem so long ago that my grandson Anthony had his graduation.  Cookie looked lovely as did most of the kids.  some boy wore suits and the girls wore lovely dresses.  i bet they are tired today.  :)  my daughter is ready to give birth any time now.  she is due tomorrow and was worried that the baby would come yesterday and she'd miss Cookie's graduation.  no news yet.
Cookie, her dad and grandad with her little cousin

with her dad and her teacher who rapped


  1. Congratulations to the graduate. Fun pictures.

  2. Congratulations to Cookie. Hope all goes well with the birth.

  3. Congratulations to your Cookie. Hope all goes well.
    Nice photos.


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