Thursday, 12 January 2012

awesome and spectacular

a very special board on pinterest.  i love pinterest.  such a timewaster.  amazing photos.  Sam Pryor is the board curator.  he's the owner of  the fantastic glass board i posted about a while ago here.

here are just two examples.  nature at her most spectacular with just a little help from photoshop maybe :) is certain worth joining if you have the time.


  1. great pics...
    Thank you for the message on my blog.. fortunately i was online.. so now I am watching 'you've got mail' as well!!! ;-)

  2. I've heard others raving about it but I couldn't get excited. (wet blanket)

  3. The photos on the site are amazing..Photoshopped of course but that leads to different colours, different kinds of things and very interesting as to what can be done in Photoshop or whatever program one chooses.
    I enjoyed the link, thanks for sharing.


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