Friday, 6 January 2012

well, that's a turnup for the books

we were all asked to attend a meeting today at different times and places around council.  i had to go this morning.  it was about the eb that was voted in recently.  we tried to get everyone to vote no but they just see the present dollars and don't give a toss about the rest of it.  oh well.  it's a done deal now.  however, we were all floored by the first announcement.  it seems that full time staff are not allowed to work weekends.  yes, i'm serious.  we are a service industry.  people come to the libraries in droves on the weekend.  sunday is our busiest day.  flat out usually.  most of the staff are full time.  they are celebrating.  it's been my dream for years to have a 9 - 5 job and there it is.  but i'm not full time.  i feel a lot of emotions none of them good.  part time staff remain the same.  we can increase our hours if we wish.  i have taken this opportunity to ask about changing my hideous roster.  it's a laughing stock in the service.  i had no choice about my hours when i went back to my permanent job.  long story (and very long day) short i've drafted the email to the boss, who, btw, doesn't have much say about decisions but can put the suggestions to higher management. i'll work on it on monday as it did my head in today.  i want to swap my sunday for a saturday.  early start and it doesn't take up the whole w/end.  and also to change my days so that i'm working at the end or beginning of the week  instead of every day except tuesday.  i'm .6 and work right across the week.  it's ridiculous.   the casual staff we use have had a major pay cut recently too.  council changed agencies.  $9.00 per hour is a hefty loss. i've just washed the car and the outside windows.  it took my mind off of things for a while.  i just wish i'd hurry up and win lotto so that i can retire and tell them where to put their eb.


  1. Oh dear, that is bad news. Bureaucracy at its worst. part timers always come off second best. Go buy that lottery ticket. In the meantime I hope you get some joy from your email. If I was you I would make a hard copy and send that too. Send it to as many chiefs as you can. Emails are very easily deleted and forgotten.


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