Wednesday, 4 January 2012

back to work tomorrow

yuk, but at least it's a short day.  i don't know where the hols have gone.  christmas then new year and now it's back into the swing of it.  we have had a nasty heat wave which thank goodness is over for the time being. 41 degrees is too hot for me.  nice weather now except that it's windy.  garden has suffered and i got drenched this arvo when the hose exploded and went everywhere.  fish are still alive.  :)  i'm going to get a new mobile on the 27th of this month.  i can't make up my mind whether i'll stay with my plan or go prepaid.  probably stay on the plan while i'm working.  i can ring the kids/family for free, make overseas calls and go on fb all on my plan.  oh well, i suppose i should get ready for work tomorrow and have a shower (another one).  have a good one everyone  :)


  1. Here is hoping work is ok, I had my first day back today.. yuk :-(
    We will sent you some cooler Victorian weather to cool you down ;-)


  2. hi Matthew, you've had your share of heat so far too haven't you? cooler weather would be most welcome. send as much as you like. yes, work is yuk. i try to make the most of it. what can you do? :) take care

  3. Have fun at your work, always hard to return after holidays.

    WOW! Lovely bright background, looks good.

    Your weather has been hot, it flows on down to us usually.

    Keep cool! :)

  4. whiteangel - i reckon we get perth's weather


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