Wednesday, 25 January 2012

movie, dinner and something a little weird

after work i headed to Carol's place and we had a nice glass of wine with dinner.  i think i've told you we are both watching what we eat coz we both have high cholesterol.  chicken and onions fried without fat then add a bottle of salsa.  delish.  and salad.  very lovely meal.  then it was time for the movies.  we saw the descendants with george clooney.  i highly recommend it.  a really good movie.  very well acted, directed and the scenery of Hawaii is stunning.  the soundtrack of Hawaiian music was very good too.  we were talking in the car park afterwards, as you do, when a  young man approached us and asked directions to smithly road.  we  were about twenty metres from it.  he asked which way to go and we told him turn right at the traffic lights.  they were clearly visible and he just didn't get it.  he got into a car a little way away and drove off and went in the opposite direction.  he seemed a bit out of it and we were puzzled to say the least.  Carol called her partner to go to her house so she wouldn't be alone and  i was a bit nervous driving home but here i am all safe and sound. drama queen that i am.  oh, btw, i still have no bloody home phone.  when i spoke to the tech this morning he said it would def. be back on today.   it's been 11 days.  enjoy your australia day hol tomorrow.  most people i know are going to have a bbq.  :)

traditional gates to heaven at the beach in kuta.  stunning 
very inviting isn't it?

my fave temple in bali.  goa gajah.  it dates back to the 11th century (or something like that)

going to pray

yes please


  1. Good that you enjoyed the movie.
    Bit odd that young man...makes you wonder!
    Fancy that, no phone for 11 days, disgraceful. Hope you have it soon.

  2. YAY! No hassles commenting now (fingers crossed!) I seem to notice a lot of other people have had issues with commenting on blogspot blogs recently, so it may have been a Blogger thing?

    Gorgeous George - the only real clunker movie I can remember him in was Batman. Loved him in ER.

    Hawaii reminds me too much of Cairns I'm afraid....

    Can't be too safe when you're out and about- a lot of strange people out there.

  3. hi Margaret. phone is back on now. much too long to be without a phone. Cindy, glad you can comment again. it's probably the blogger gremlins at work. :) i'm going to work today. we had a huge storm with lots of rain yesterday and it's quite nice and fresh so far this morning. hope it lasts :) enjoy your sunday lovely ladies


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