Sunday, 15 January 2012

just a few things

not too much has happened this week.  my home phone died yesterday morning but internet is ok.  (obviously).  there's a little tower that's been  pushed over just up the road.  it's full of cables and some of them are daamaged.  i'm guessing that that is the reason.  my keyyboard is playing up.  i had a virus  yesterday and i tried to d/load itunes but it wouldn't run.  i've never had problems with it in the past.  i'm going up to see the kids in a while.  i'm lookinng forward to that.  we may go to maccas and get an icecream and maybe tthe playground.  see what i mean about my keyboard.  maybe it's the settings.  i've just finished watching popasiia.  i lovee it.  everyone is 12 years old and so cute.  my sister is coming down soon.  she's got an appointment at the hospital and will stay over to go with me when i have my first check upp a few days afterwards.  work is suckier than usual lately as our databases have been affected  by a new achieval  system.  notthing but problems.  ahhhh   makess everything so difficult esp. when a patron is waiting to be served.  the cataloggue is down half the time too.  very inconvenient.  oh well.  could always be worse i suppose.  enjoy your sunday  :)

my g/daughters shopping in the city

benni, my favourite g/cat.  sorry it's a little bit blurry 

benni and etta. etta is the feral kitten my son hand reared.  she's a daddy's girl and is totally spoilt


  1. Sorry to hear about things not going right.

    I tried and tried to comment on your last post,but nothing would work. I tried 2 different computers and the page just kept going blank. Technology can be so frustrating!!

    Cats are born to be spoilt. Mine is sleeping on fresh towels in the bathroom right now...

    Hope you have a good week!

  2. hope your week gets better and the technology starts doing what is expected of it! The cats are very cute :-)

  3. I`m over technical gliches of late...They are like cars, a necessary

  4. I had a great Sunday, and doesn't it suck when we have proplems with our computers I am having a problem with my mouse a little hand keeps moving

  5. That is a funny problem with the keyboard hope you can fix it. Do you have an Apple??

  6. hi everyone, i don't have an apple. yes, i agree, i'm over things not working. never mind. phone is still not working. i'm off work until thursday so that's good. i have some lasagna in the slow cooker. my cheese sauce didn't taste/look fab but i'm hopeful it will work out. :) enjoy your tuesday :)


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