Tuesday, 17 February 2009

blog surfing

let's go surfing now every body's learning how come on a surfing safari with me la la la. one of my fave things to do when i am bored (not often) is blog surf. it's a no brainer really. go to one of your regular blogs and then go to one of their faves that you haven't been to before and so on and so on. keeps me amused for ages and sometimes you find a real gem. sometimes not but hey that's the way the tim tam crumbles. i'm watching two and a half men and i can't believe how much the kid has grown. he's turning out to be sort of cute.


  1. You can also blog surf another way. Go to your profile and click on one of your highlighted interests and then you get thousands of bloggers with the same interests be careful some are a bit disgusting.

  2. Morning Fran
    Just catching up with your previous post and smiling as I think of myself building up to 10 Salute to the Sun daily to aid in my weight reduction and health improvement programme.
    Always good to find something of interest when surfing the blogs..

  3. Good morning yevisha :)

    I came across your blog from blog surfing yesterday ;-) (I think it was via that livejit widget)

    I have only just started really getting into blogging, even tho I created my blog about 3 years ago.

    I don't really know what I am doing with it atm, more just writing about snippets of my life. I don't really know if anyone thinks it's interesting, but I enjoy doing it, and that's the main thing. I am finding it very therapeutic ! :)

    I am on Flickr (photo sharing site), and we all do the photo surfing there too by clicking on people's user icons. It's a lot of fun (and distracting !) LOL

    I enjoy watching that 2 and a half men show, That kid has grown. He's very funny at times! :)

    Your layout is lovely by the way, love your picture at the top, is that of you?

    Have a wonderful week ! :)

    ps.... You wouldn't believe how many times I have tried to leave you this comment. First my computer crashed last night, then I accidentally clicked on something else, and your page disapeared completely ... third time lucky ! LOL

  4. hi Jules, thanks for visiting, i'll visit your page too. it's always nice to meet fellow bloggers. it's one of my fave pastimes. very addictive. ;) Fran

  5. Hullo Yevisha, Are you a gal I know from Big Blog? something about your blog style seems familiar!! If I should know the answer already Mea Culpa babe! I don't watch Two and a half men coz everytime Jon Cryer is on the screen I shriek Ducky!!!!! and I liked my Charlie Sheen 80's scuzzy...and that kid...well nuff said!!

  6. Good evening Fran...I have been neglectful with my blogging this past week, have not felt much like it...I know , what a sin...lol....
    I hope things get back to normal soon and I will be back into full swing again...

  7. AHHHH! its Rock 'n' Roll Fran!!!! okay I am back to earth now!! sorted! nice to meet you on your turf!!


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